All pickup trucks need tonneau covers. They are among the most valuable accessories you can add to them. They help you keep cargo safe, tools protected and they help keep the interior of the bed of your pick up in great shape. With the right tonneau cover, you can protect your vehicle and valuables from weather damage and give it a personalized touch.

How can you tell which type is the best for your vehicle? By learning more about the options that there are.

Soft, Hard or Folding – And More

There are three basic types of tonneau covers. These are the soft kind, the hard kind, and the folding kind. Each has its own benefits and knowing what these are will help you determine the one to shop for.

Soft covers are made of leather which attaches to the bed with snaps or with Velcro. They either open up by folding them open or by rolling them open. These are easy to open and close so they are ideal for everyday use if you need to get at your tools, cargo or other items stored in the bed.

These covers are made of heavy duty leather and will stand up to rain and other elements. They can be locked with your tailgate to provide added security, but they are not as protective as hardcovers. They are decorative, however, and offer a pick up an added degree of style.

Hardcovers are exceedingly durable and act just like a built-in cover for your truck. You can get them in any color to match your truck, so they give any vehicle a cohesive style with complete protection from theft, fire, rain, snow, and ice. These are large items and for some people a little too large. This is where folding truck bed covers can be a better option.

The folding truck beds have between three and five panels that fold together, making the cover easy to open or close. They can also be purchased to accommodate the 5th wheel. These panels are solid and offer the same degree of protection as hardcovers but without the huge size.

Folding tonneaus come in hard panels and semi-soft panels. The semi-soft panels are made with hard metal with black vinyl stretched over them. These are affordable options compared to the leather types, so they are worth checking into if you need a tonneau cover and want the appearance of leather without the price tag.

For an innovative and convenient option, choose a retractable cover. These still protect against weather elements and everything else, but they retract into a unit behind the cab. Another, more specific option, is to get a toolbox tonneau cover. These are shorter than the bed so that your over rail toolbox can still fit.

Finding the right brand is easy when you shop online. Every type of tonneau cover discussed in this article is available from top dealers now for great prices. Look at the options available now to find the right cover for your pickup truck.