Tweed Seat Covers


Tweed Seat Covers

Enjoy the feeling of cloth with the durability of canvas. Tweed seat covers provide a sporty and durable fabric. Plus, the tweed weave adds sophistication and refinement to your seats.

Made from an industrious polyolefin, this tough material features a timeless tight-woven pattern providing a tough material with low maintenance that does not lose its breathability.

Reinforced edges and seams provide years of use without splitting or tearing, providing protection for new seats, or beautifying a battle-worn interior. UV-treated fabric provides the best sun-resistant protection and prevents fading.

$249.95 /row
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  • Custom Fit
  • Fast Delivery
  • Protects & Beautifies
7 Review(s) | 96%
Material: 100% Polyolefin
Ships in 7–10 business days

Quick Facts

  • price is per row & includes multiple covers
  • headrest, armrest, & center console covers included
  • craftmanship guaranteed with a 3-year warranty
  • simple, tool-free installation
  • cut-outs for seat belts & side airbags
  • preserves the value and appearance of your seats
  • precision cutting ensures a custom fit with your vehicle
  • crack, tear, and fade resistant
  • insides lined with foam for added comfort
  • extra large, rear convenience pocket
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