Car Seat Covers

We offer car seat covers for virtually every vehicle models, including all 2011s and even newer 2012s. Our custom-fit seat covers for cars are available in a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and styles—all precision fit to the car seats specific to our vehicle's year, make and model. Every car seat cover is made with highly durable, upholstery grade and laminated fabrics. This means our car seat covers will protect and beautify your original upholstery without cracking, tearing, or fading for many years.

One our most popular fabrics, neoprene car seat covers are made from a comfortable, durable, water-resistant material to deliver a sporty, factory-style look without sacrificing comfort. Buy a custom-fit car seat cover today and start enjoying your vehicle without worrying about spills, rips, or stains on your original car seats.

Truck Seat Covers

We offer truck seat covers for the most popular truck models, including all 2011s and even newer 2012s. Every truck seat cover we manufacture is made with highly durable, heavy weight and laminated fabrics that will stand up to the most rugged consumer and industry uses. Our seat covers for trucks are available in a wide variety of fabrics, colors and styles to suit your every need—from protecting your work truck to adding style to your hunter expedition.

One our of most popular truck seat covers is our neoprene truck seat cover. We also make truck seat covers for all major truck brands, including Ford truck seat covers, Chevy truck seat covers, Dodge truck seat covers, Toyota truck seat covers, Nissan truck seat covers and GMC truck seat covers.

Our support for truck seat covers also includes seat covers for vans, SUVs, and Jeeps. By protecting your original seats, your custom truck seat covers will save you money! Avoid reupholstery costs on your truck seats and help increase your potential resale or trade-in value. With our easy installation guides and fully washable materials, it's never been easier to get started with seat covers for trucks.

Our computer guided cutting system and team of professional sewers ensures your custom-fit truck seat covers provide a precision fit with a factory style look and fitment. Whether you’re trying to protect your new seats or wanting to add a new look to worn out seats, our truck seat covers make an ideal choice.

Truck seat covers are designed for punishment. The rugged construction of our seat covers prevents tearing and ripping, and UV treatment provides protection from fading. Camo truck seat covers are also a favorite of every outdoorsman. And we can fit any seat type, from captain’s chairs, 60-40 splits, and solid bench truck seat covers.

Truck seat covers are available for all seats and rows in most trucks and SUVs, and they come in a large variety of unique colors and styles, including our popular neoprene seat covers, camo seat covers, and Velour seat covers.

Seat Covers for Cars

Your factory seats may look fine, but just like your teeth, they don't stay that way without protection. Going for years without a dental checkup usually means a several painful visits to the dentist. Similarly, going for years without custom seat covers for cars and trucks can lead to expensive reupholstery charges. Fortunately, you can protect your car seats with custom seat covers that are easy to install, provide an OEM factory look, and are available a large variety of fabrics, colors and styles.

Our slip on and off construction makes installing your truck and car seat covers fast, easy, and does not require tools. Most of our aftermarket seat covers also come treated with stain repellants for complete spill protection against water, juices, and other harmful liquids from pets and children. If your seat covers do become soiled, a quick cycle in any standard washing maching restores them to like new.

Custom seat covers, unlike universal seat covers, are designed with higher quality and made to fit your unique make, model and year to ensure a tight, seamless fit over your factory car seats. Tacoma seat covers, Toyota Tundra seat covers, seat covers for Silverado and seat covers for Chevy S10 protect your stock upholstery and make an excellent and affordable investment, preserving the resale value of your truck seats while injecting some personalized style into your interior. Even if you have old, worn out car seats, the addition of custom seat covers can restore your car seats to a new, factory style look.

Crafted from quality OEM fabrics and featuring a soft foam backing, custom seat covers provide a perfect combination of comfort and lasting durability. Many covers, like our leather seat covers, also allow you to upgrade your interior and achieve a high-end appearance without the premium price from the dealership. Similar to the factory upgrades offered through your dealer, leather seat covers provide the luxurious appearance and feel of leather at a fraction of the cost of a factory leather interior. That’s why most car drivers opt for cloth seeats when purchasing a new vehicle and then make the premium upgrade to leather seat covers afterward with aftermarket car seat covers.

Sometimes though, life demands car seat covers that not only provide premium comfort, but can withstand the daily assault of pets and kids. That’s why our seat covers made from microfiber and endura canvas provide the perfect answer, delivering the combination of enhanced durability and style that can withstand just about anything. Microfiber, like that found in many dog seat covers, is fade resistant and blocks stains, making it ideal for pet owners looking to protect their car seat covers. Similar to microfiber, endura also provides an impenetrable layer that stops spills from leaking through and actually prevents pet hair from accumulating too!

Still not convinced? Don’t take our word for it. Read our wide array of customer reviews on all our popular custom seat covers. Save yourself time and money with an affordable, and simple upgrade that will beautify and protect your car seat covers. Custom seat covers offer you the precision tailoring, lasting quality and factory look that rivals your OEM seat covers for years to come.