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Neoprene Car Seat Covers

Neoprene seat covers are one of the most popular and effective custom-fit seat covers available. Our custom tailored seat covers are made from an enhanced, next-generation neoprene material called NeoSupreme. Designed with seat covers in mind, this neoprene seat cover provides better performance, durability, mildew resistance, and protection against fading than the traditional neoprene seat covers. And, unlike traditional neoprene seat covers, NeoSupreme doesn't have drawbacks like drying, cracking, fading, or—worst of all—odors.

Neoprene is the all-purpose material. Made from a synthetic, wetsuit-like material, our neoprene seat covers have superb stretch and strength qualities. If you're an active sports enthusiasts, then you'll be familiar with the heavy duty feel of our enhanced neoprene seat covers.

There's lots of great reasons to buy our NeoSupreme, enhanced neoprene seat covers. Add an exciting, sporty look and feel to the inside of your vehicle while maintaining comfort. Get the durability and user friendliness of the most popular seat cover that's custom tailored to fit your original upholstery. And, best of all, these affordable, enhanced neoprene seat covers are scratch resistant, breathable, have greater heat insulation, high tensile strength and enhanced water resistance properties.

Neoprene seat covers are available in several youthful, vibrant colors and multiple trim options. So you can get the neoprene seat covers in your choice of color and pattern and get a factory style look with long lasting protection and appeal.

No Hidden Charges, No Additional Cost and Made in the USA

Our custom neoprene car seat covers are always made to order, right here in the USA. And, you will always get enhanced neoprene seat covers for an entire row of your car seats. And each neoprene seat cover comes with a complete set of headrests, armrests, console covers, map pockets, cut outs for controls, airbag flaps, and other provisions–all inclusive—at no additional cost!

Reinforced edges and seams provide years of use without splitting or tearing, even on long, surf and turf expeditions. UV-treated fabric provides the best sun-resistant protection and prevents fading.

Always Get A Perfect Fit

Unlike the universal neoprene covers you'll find in the bargain bin, our neoprene seat covers are precisely cut to for your car and truck. This provides a factory style look by ensuring your neoprene car seat covers or neoprene truck seat covers fit perfectly over your OEM seats.

And, unlike universal seat covers, our enhanced, custom-fit neoprene seat covers take into account your vehicle's original seat features, such as side airbags, different seat types, combined or separate headrests. More comfortable, better looking, and with support for child car seats, you can't go wrong buying our enhanced neoprene seat covers.


In order to extend the life of your custom seat covers, it’s important to clean them regularly by removing any debris, dirt, or stains that may have accumulated over time. Neoprene seat covers generally require little time and effort to clean. The first step is to remove any loose debris or dirt by vacuuming the seat covers. After this is done, make a cleaning solution to use on your custom seat covers. A simple homemade solution is to take a bucket, fill it with about 2 gallons of warm water and add 1 to 2 tablespoons of detergent. If you don’t want to make your own solution, you can also purchase neoprene shampoo that is specifically designed to clean neoprene products. Once you have your cleaning solution, use a sponge to wipe down the seats with it. Scrub well to remove any remaining layers of dirt. After you have thoroughly cleaned your neoprene seat covers, rinse the soapy solution off the seats using clean water and a sponge. It might take several attempts to remove all of the soapy water solution off the seats. Double check to make sure that there is no residue left before moving onto the final step of drying. You can dry your newly washed seat covers by using a clean rag to wipe down the seats. Most of the moisture should be removed through this process. If they are still wet, use a hairdryer (on air-dry setting) to completely dry the surface of the seat covers. Cleaning neoprene seat covers should be done regularly to ensure that the product lasts a long time.

Why Seat Covers

It seems that car seat covers have become more of a necessity rather than an optional accessory these days. Spilt drinks, wet swimsuits, food crumbs, and slobbering pets can all take a toll on your car seats. Reupholstering car seats is one option but this can often be expensive. Instead, opt for a solution that is both convenient and affordable. Car seat covers help to protect your car seats from stains, tears, UV rays, and everything in between. Whether you just bought a new car or are still driving around the same car you’ve had for ten years, car seat covers can help keep your interior looking pristine. 

Not only do car seat covers provide great protection, they also add style to your interior. Buying a custom seat cover is perhaps the best option since you can tailor the color and pattern to your liking. Custom seat covers are designed to fit your car seat like a glove. Every part of your car seat, including the ergonomic controls, seat belt, and heard rest is taken into consideration when these custom seat covers are made.

Choosing a car seat cover can be a time consuming task since there are a number of factors to consider. For example, car seat covers are manufactured from different types of fabrics so you want to choose one that provides the best protection. Neoprene seat covers are perhaps one of the best in terms of providing protection from stains, UV rays, tears, and much more. They can be customized to fit any car seat. Neoprene seat covers are available in a wide range of colors and trim styles making it easy to find one that suits your taste. With all of the benefits that a seat cover can provide, why would you choose to go without one?

Top Seller

With all of the benefits that neoprene seat covers can provide, it’s no surprise that they are a popular accessory among car enthusiasts. What other custom seat covers can provide luxurious comfort with unbeatable protection? Neoprene seat covers are made from a durable synthetic material that is resistant to mildew, scratches, UV rays, and stains. No other seat covers can compare to its performance.  


In 1930, scientists at DuPont laboratories manufactured a family of synthetic rubbers that would later be known as neoprene. It all began when Dr. Elmer K. Bolton of DuPont Laboratories attended a lecture by Professor Julius Nieuwland at the University of Notre Dame. Nieuwland had done extensive research on vinyl acetylene, a jelly substance that transforms into an elastic compound when passed over sulfur dichloride. DuPont purchased the patent rights from the University and began doing their own research on creating a similar synthetic rubber compound. Eventually, chemists at DuPont created a polymerized version of chloroprene by reacting monovinyl acetylene with hydrogen chloride gas.

DuPont tried to market their new creation under the product name DuPrene. However, the substance had a foul odor that kept it from becoming a success. With more research, DuPont was able to eliminate the odor from the product and also reduce manufacturing costs.

In 1937, the company re-marketed the product under the generic name neoprene. It was sold as an ingredient to manufacturers rather than a finished product. DuPont used extensive marketing strategies to publicize neoprene and its uses. This included publishing a technical journal that advertised neoprene products. The marketing strategy was a success because by the end of the decade, neoprene was generating large revenue for the company.

Today, DuPont neoprene is used to create a variety of products including neoprene seat covers, wet suits, laptop sleeves, iPod holders, equestrian products, and much more.

Popular Neoprene Seat Covers by Vehicle

$249.95 /row
FREE Ground Shipping
  • Custom Fit
  • Fast Delivery
  • Protects & Beautifies
20 Review(s) | 95%
Material: NeoSupreme: Enhanced Neoprene
Ships in 7–10 business days

Quick Facts

  • price is per row & includes multiple covers
  • headrest, armrest, & center console covers included
  • craftmanship guaranteed with a 3-year warranty
  • simple, tool-free installation
  • cut-outs for seat belts & side airbags
  • preserves the value and appearance of your seats
  • precision cutting ensures a custom fit with your vehicle
  • crack, tear, and fade resistant
  • insides lined with foam for added comfort
  • extra large, rear convenience pocket
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